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India's Intended National Determined Contribution (INDC),
Submitted to UNFCCC at COP 21,
Paris Agreement

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National Action Plan for
Operationalize CDM in India

By Planning Comission, Govt. of India.

CMI-IISD is a Member to Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI)-1

"Climate Change is not the concern of just one or two nations. It is an issue that affects the wholw of humanity and every living being on this earth. This beautiful planet is our only home. If, due to global warming or other environmental problems, the earth cannot sustain itself, there is no other planet to which we can move. We have to take serious action now to protect our environment and find constructive solutions to global warming."
- H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama  
Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 1989'

CMI-IISD Celebrates Earth Hour, with WWF- India

CMI Individual Life Membership Certificate Of

Shri Manikandan Chandrasekaran Sustainability Engineer,
CGS Green Sustainergy Pvt. Ltd.,

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Top Stories
Friday is “No Car Day“ Campaign
Carbon Minus India (CMI) calls you to join it’s No Car Day Campaign
As first the step towards it’s Campaign, Carbon Minus India (CMI) calls every Indian Cities; Particularly the NCR and Delhi-ites to desert their cars at least one day (Friday) in a week. To
create a visible impact not only in reduction of their individual Carbon-foot print as well their City, but also motivate them to adopt a climate-friendly life-style. Enough of the Cars, Let’s walk or cycle in our Cities. No doubt, It will always keep us healthy and make us free from the attack of COVID 19 Pandemics. For Details–Please Read Our Blog

Green Building & Architecture
Let us live in a simple, plain, well functional, climate-friendly green apartment that offers you optimum comfort, energy and water efficiency; which shall help in protecting the earth; the only home of all of us by using state-of-art, climate friendly green building
materials, building engineering and science - for which we have to apply our mind more to spend less and earn more in terms of environmental sustainablity.
Today architecture means, its not just going for most expensive, luxurious building construction, rather it is the Green Building and Architecture. Please Join CMI-IISD's annual event.                                          For Further Details – Click Here 
UK Government Postpons UNFCCC's COP 26 at Glasgow

The United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC), together with the UK Government, which is serving as the COP 26 Presidency right now, announced that it would be postponing the summit at Glasgow, which was scheduled at Madrid, Spain at COP 25 to take place, during November-December 2020, due to the Global Corona COVID-19 Pandemic. The exact date would be determined latter, following consultation with parties.

With 1.15°C Rise Of global temperature, while we are going through the climate emergency like, alarming situation and trying to focus now, for more and more aggressive Climate Actions, unexpectedly all of us, again started experiencing an another serious threat, got added to our survival now, COVID 19 Pandemic. Postponing the timing of this crucial UN Climate Summit i.e. COP 26 is no doubt, not only a big blow to our ongoing Global Climate Action Agenda, but also is set to adversely impact, our speed in the journey of our collective planning and joint future climate actions, those scheduled ahead, that could have rolled under Paris Agreement in near future. But since today COVID 19 has already impacted hugely, creating the unprecedented health crisis, the world really needs to get together to fight this dangerous virus and also support those most vulnerable to the economic fallout at the same time.

We look to the UK government and UNFCCC to move forward with arrangements and take necessary steps soon to set a next date for COP 26. We encourage them to set a new date and time, as early as possible, preferably within first quarter of 2021, as this COP is very important to mobilize global support for immediate and strongest possible climate action, which is an urgent call of time.
For Further Details, Please Click the Blog. 

Rich Countries accused of Foul Play
India claims its signing of a declaration demanding global warming kept below 2°C, is being misused by US and EU. Indian Environnment Minister, Shri Jairam Ramesh said in a
Press Conference - "India reacts strongly to references the UN-led talks in Bonn to a declaration from the Major Economies Forum (MEF), which India signed, saying that global warming should not be allowed to surpass 2°C and thus should also be ready to take on some kind of commitment to limit its emissions, the US and EU have argued. India is under pressure to take a cap ahead of the UN Conference COP 15 to take place in Copenhagen. India wants a meaningful international agreement that all countries would take seriously and implement, where countries take on legal obligations, under common and differential responsibility norms.” Environnment Minister also released a Document titled-"Climate Change Negotiations - India's Submissions to the UNFCCC." by MoEF, GOI.                          
15th Conference of Parties to UNFCCC
The COP 15, Climate Change Conference, was hosted by the Government of Denmark and brought together representatives of over 187 countries together with observers from inter-governmental, non-governmental organizationsand the media.  
From 7th-18th  December, 2009, the 15th Sessions of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC, and the Meeting of the Parties of the Kyoto Protocol took place. A high level delegation, with ministerial segments concluded the Conference. Copenhagen decided the details of the GHG Reduction Roadmap that all the nations took collectively to protect our planet. CMI participated in this important historic COP, in addition to its active participation in CoP 13 at Bali, CoP 10 at Montreal, CoP 3 at Kyoto and also have played the Key Leadership Roles in Organizing CoP 8 at New Delhi.    
CMI's 13th AECTP successfully concluded
Advanced Executive CDM Training Programe (AECTP) is Carbon Minus India (CMI)’s most important Management Development Program (MDP), Which has evolved over years since July, 2008, When it’s first AECTP was Organised, Where Shri Suresh P Prabhu, Former Minister of Commerce and Industry, Power, Environment & Forests; was the Chief Guest. Always India International Centre (IIC) has remained as the
venue for our all AECTPs. The Last AECTP was Organised is known as the 13th in the Series. These Days it’s has been reshaped as Advanced Executive Training Programe on Carbon Management, Sustainability Reporting and Renewable Energy and still popularly known as AECTP. In, 13th AECTP Shri Anil K. Jain, than Adviser (Energy), NITI Aayog was the Chief Guest. We had planned for 14th AECTP in last week of the May, 2020; but due to Corona Virus Pandemic Lockdown the same got postponed.

CMI organizes its AECTPs generally, at a most well known venue and central location at India International Centre (IIC) Annexe, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi. Our earlier AECTPs were on Carbon Trading, where the Compliance & Voluntary Carbon Market was in focus, with most eminent / credible experts of the subject, as the faculties of this training program. A Secretary to Govt. of India level invitee, joins as the chief guest to award certificates to 50+ participants in the concluding session. There is an Examination at the end, where each participating Candidate's performance is evaluated with A++ to C-- gradation system. Leading Indivisual Consultants, Charted Accountants, Public Sectors and Corporate Professionals from HPCL, Indian Oil, NTPC, IREDA, BHEL, GAIL, CPWD, PFC, CSIR, IITM, Power Grid, NMDC, Power-Link, GMR, Vedanta, Balco, NALCO, TCE, Reliance-Solar and ICICI Bank etc have participated in this programme.                                           For Further Details, Please Click Here. 

Investor's Corner
  Carbon Revenue from e-Waste Recycling
Do you know India is the largest e-waste recycler in the world ? About 87% of the e-waste gets totally recycled here, providing basic employment to more than 5 million workers. These days, entire e-waste of the world have started flowing to India; not just creating livelihood opportunity for the poor but also creating largest carbon revenue market for the e-waste recycling opportunity for its investors. Do you wish to invest in the sector and earn Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) or Vulnerary Emission Reductions (VERs) ?
Interview with...
(Sh. Bharat Prasad)

Rickshaw Puller

(Ms Gudrun Benecke)
Different perspectives from 3 stakeholders.
  Dr. Charles Cormier
 Team Leader, Enviornment &
  Water Resources Unit, The World Bank
CMI-IISD-UNEP's India Climate Neutral Programme (ICNP) 2008-30
CMI has joined hand with UNEP in it's most popular live and action-oriented plantation programme, for massive CO2e Sequestration in Sink Sector Initiative - "Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign" and pledged to plant topical, indigenous and local tress through out the country - under it's " India Climate Neutral Programme (ICNP) 2008-30".The programme was launched in association with Times Foundation on the World Environment Day, June 5, 2008 at the UN lawns at 55, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.

The Programme exceeded it's target plantation of 10 million trees, with an achievement of figure 11.32 million in it's first year, which susbsquently reduced 237 billion tons of CO2e replacement of GHGs for Global Commons on behalf of India. Environment & Forest Minister, Shri Namo Narain Meena planted an Amla sapling as a symbolic gesture to kick start the Programme, followed by a Message of the UN Secretary-General, Delivered by Ms. Shalini Dewan, Director, UNIC. The short launch was also followed by a Day Long Strategy Workshop at the India International Centre (IIC). In fact, UNEP has highly appreciated with kind acknowledgement, CMI-IISD and it's partner's for their sincere efforts and self-less contribution in Catalyzing Environmental Action in the Service of the Earth and for the benefit of humankind; by executing this historic programme, in an unique way, being a creadible national partners for india.

Carbon Minus India (CMI) is working since 5th June 2008 to till date, with strongest possible commitments and hundred percent dedication, along with IISD and other 121 Key Partners, such as Planting Parnter, Strategic Partner, Media Partner, Corporate Partner and Supporting Partners in PAN India, Round the Clock for UNEP's Tree Plantation Compaign, which has been renamed as Trillon Tree Campaign after achiving its over target. We at, CMI-IISD will continue this India Climate Neutral Programme (ICNP), till its end i.e 31st December 2030 as per our MoU with UNEP, which would also contribute to meet the partial target of India's National Determined Contribution (NDC) to Paris Agreements. We at CMI-IISD had already planted 22.5 million trees under ICNP, which is an iniciative of UNEP's Trillion Tree Campaign.

Dr R.A. Mashelkar is the Chief-Patron of Carbon Minus India (CMI)
Dr. R. A. Mashelkar is the former Director General of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), who have been elected as Fellow of Royal Society (FRS), London, US National Academy of Science, US National Academy of Engineering, Third World Academy of Engineering, U.K., and World Academy of Art & Science, USA. 20 Universities have honoured him with honorary Doctorates, which include the Universities of London, Salford, Pretoria, Wisconsin, and Delhi. Dr. Mashelkar was honoured with Padmashri (1991) and Padmabhushan (2000) two of the highest Civilian Honours in recognition of his contribution to nation building. He is also an Independent Board of Director in the Reliance Board to advise innovations, who lives in Pune. In addition, Dr R A Mashelkar has established a Foundation in the Fond

Memory Of his Beloved Mother Late Smt Anjani Mashelkar - Known as Anjani Mashelkar Foundation, which has instituted "Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award" each year, since the last 10 years.

Carbon Minus India (CMI) feels proud of Dr R. A. Mashelkar, as it’s Chief-Parton and repose confidence to climb the ladder successfully to achieve credible milestones under his dynamic partonage.

In addtion, if you want to know more about, our other Board of Advisors (BOAs). Please Click on this Link. Since Carbon Minus India (CMI) is an Indian Institute Of Sustainable Development (IISD) initiative, a kind of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of IISD to handle Climate Change related Research Drives, Programs and Projects and Both the Organizations operate together from the same Office establishment, We have resolved to have a Single Board Of Advisers.

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Carbon Minus India (CMI) is a UNEP partner with Clean Up the World, Australia.
"Carbon Minis India (CMI), an IISD iniciative, is serving society with highest Commitments on Climate Change Adaption and
Mitigation Objectives. I am watching their evolution and encouraging them, Since August 2008, When I joined one of their events as the Chief Guest. Over time, CMI has emerged as an national level Centre Of Excellence. Their recent initiatives to puch Strongest Climatest Action, against Climate Emergency, is appreciable."

- Shri Suresh P Prabhu
India's G 20 Sherpa and Former Minister Of Environment & Forests, Power Railways Commerce & Industry
Poorest of the poor are the most vulnerable to climate change.  Can we think about them ?...Can we really do something for them ? Thousands of our farmers and fishermen have lost their livilihood and become climate refugees today.
Many poor Farmer, Fishermen in India, loosing their Livelihood because of rapid crop failures, reduction in agricultural productivity and diminishing fishing stock, because of Climate Change.
"Carbon is every where, of course in everyone’s life, but there are some well known examples of how you can minimize
your carbon generation in your daily life."
- Al Gore  
Former American Vice President,
Nobal Peace Prize Winner 2007'

Very Basic and Fundamental Book on Renewable Energy in Simple Hindi Language. A Low Priced Paperback Edition. For your Copy - Can Write to us at [email protected]